Changing Roles for equality sakes

28 May

Its been a known fact that men were football fanatics especial Arsenal fans. I say “were” because now days men are holed up in their sitting rooms watching those Mexican soap operas, those programmes where men cry and it ends with either bad guy or chic humbled or dead. By the way they are really nice. They have thus swapped chairs, tables and glasses with their wifes and girlfriends!

In contrast wifes and girlfriends are now spending their evenings at the bars watching football to the late nights making bets, which some are crazy if not p*** and screaming at the tops of thier lungs as a form of cheering. This has total pushed out the boys alone time where one could flirt with the bar maid and get away from the nagging wife to the secret girlfriend. But still they can invite them to the house!

Anyway its safe and fair to say that for equality purpose this is good and a progress for the gender fairness campaigners. Way forward and should consider adopting this on a national level!

Guys enjoy your sopa operas.


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