Photocopy Kenya TV Programs

1 Jun

Kenyans have always decried the fact that there are no local contents on our screens. No that there are quite a number ranging from high school dramas in Tahidi high to the hospital drama aired on NTV. From good quality in Nairobi Law to poor quality in Mheshimiwa.

Having had an opportunity to grow up in a house hold with a television set, i like the KBC’s Vioja Mahakamani which we came to love and most of us still todate. It did not suprise me when Citizen TV decided that it will replicate KBC Vioja Mahakamani in the form of Mashtaka. This is an exhibition of lack creativity by the creators and attempt to seek cheap fame.

This is the highest form of lack of creativity we have ever experienced in our country. Kenya has villages entertainment industry. Why not pick up one of this as one court drama is enough in a country.

Hawayu was another direct photocopy product. The attempt by KTN to copy Churchill live fell flat and Comedian Erick Omondi with an egg on the face. All i hope is that never ever will we see the second season of this. Churchill live is enough for the market. Erick Omondi should stick to his role at Churchill.

This are the few photocopies. Got any in mind? Identify them so we can remain glued to our TVs and remain entertained.


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