Kenya Football. Has it gone to the dogs?

11 Aug

In the last three years, since Antonie Hay messed us up, Harambee stars have been doing really good in one thing, embarassing us. How else can you described being humbled by teams like Somalia and Yemen? (who organises this friendlies again?) They do not have big stars like Mariga or Oliech, who play for big clubs.

We should stop blaming Hatimy and his Company for bad management, though I agree with you, they do not have a single clue on how run football leave alone play football. First we should start looking deep down in ourselves, maybe we have not been visiting the ‘mganga wa Tanga’ anymore or we have not cleared our debts with him. What else could make our boys experience such a bad luck? Or we have we been seeing a less powerful one and need to change?

I pray that we shall not see those clueless individual ever again after the election, when IEB deem right to hold them fairly and as soon as possible.

After the Zebra kicks last night, we are taking a big roll down hill. This time we will end up being ranked last by FIFA, if we are not the last already. What does this means? No Aston Villa for Mariga although romour has it that he is head to Spain’s Real …………….. (i can not recall the other name).

I hope Nyamwea is happy.


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