South Africans. Stop being such a cry babies.

12 Aug

Its two since Africa’s biggest and probably riches show ended. A Nigerian and a Zimbabwean won, taking home a whopping $200,000 whereas Luclay was left with nothing but a many whinning fans.

This has led to public condemnation of the Big Brother Amplified Show and the M-NET Nigerian MD among the South African, who think that their boy, was robbed and disrespected, since Luclay had been the strongest housemate all along and was expected to beat Wendall hands down, but not the other way round.

My advice, try keeping in mind this Swahili proverb; S/he who does not accept defeat is not a competitor, however how bitter this might sound. Stop being sour loosers as it will do you no good but moving on is the best thing you can do.

As a matter of fact, M-NET will hold more Big Brothers and if your representatives are lucky, then they may be the winners.


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