CAT FIGHT: the big cat won.

17 Aug

Cesc Fabregas, the former Arsenal captain and now Barcelona’s bench warmer debuted last night in the second leg win against the Might Real Madrid and ended up causing the sending off Mercielo the field together with the bad tempered Mourinho, in the drama that followed, involving both teams staff and player. Anyway good luck to Fabregas trying to earn a starting place in the crowded midfield and all the Arsenal fans attempt to cheer their team to Europa league position next year (with Nasri on his way out it will take more than prayers and tactics to recover).

Enough of bitter loosers and men fighting and back home, the cats had there claws drawn ready to scratch but it ended with the big cat humiliating the small cat. AFC Leopards trashed batoto ba Mungu 3 to 1 last night at Nyayo stadium. It was sweet revenge for ingwe who i have to admit are now better than Gor (no hard feelings).
Finaly Mariga is not for sale. Amekopeshwa kwa Real So………. (still cannot keep that name in my head). He will be playing with Carlos Vela the Arsenal loan star, but can make the move parmanent next year.


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