Kenyans gone Blogging.

18 Aug

They are mostly 30 or younger, with lots of time in their hands. You won’t find them hanging around on those street corners or on estate shopping centres. Instead they are in their houses, homes or cyber cafe typing away on a new story.
This are Kenya’s new breed. The Kenyan bloggers and I myself, would like to think, that i belong to this group.

Everything under the moon and sun they put it down. From fashion, The Fashion Notebook, to infrastructure, Thika Road blog, to photography, Mutua Matheka, to whistleblower, Walalahoi, just but a few examples. They all exist. Changing the way Kenyans see, think and interact.

They do it out of fun and a few do it for financial reason. Some have gained fame in the process while some are struggling get the least notice or no notice at all. They are still Kenya’s bloggers.

This is a nation gone blogging, bringing a new perspective to information you read.
Changing the way people think.


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