Is this the Fall of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger?

19 Aug

Being an Arsenal fan calls for than patience, it requires you to be sober and it requires you to be thick skinned with no emotion. Or how else would you survive the heartbreak, the tears and the humiliation of the past five years?

Its kind of true to admit that the Frenchman at the top has totally lost the plot. He has been walk in the dark for the past years hoping to see even the light of the sun with no success.

He has failed to see that the team desparately needs experience. Buying women hoping that they get pregnant with experienced players won’t work. The team made up of a bunch of kids has failed to meet the expactation of the impetient fans, and i won’t be suprised if most fans shift their alliance elsewhere.

I kind of wonder what Wenger is think when he sells crucial members of his team. He sold Henry then team captain and you have to admit it, the team has never been the same, it has never recovered and when it does it just falls short of the expectation. Take the defeat to Birmigham.

Now with Nasri, Cesc and Clichy having left, Arsene Wenger may have dug is own grave and buried himself with the team for company.

All can be said and written but by April we will know their fate. I wish Arsenal well.


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