Kaká to Arsenal? Maybe? Again, Maybe not!

22 Aug

In a sphree of buying, Real Madrid did do it about two summers ago. Breaking records in both Cristiano and Kaka’s transfer. They had hoped it will help catch up with the big country men down in Barcelona. This did not pay off and now the wage bill has it the roof.

After the Arrival of Jose Murinho, Kaka saw little or no play time at all coupled with injuries, speculation were rife that he may head home to Brazil or even to Russia. But unlike Eto’o, that did not happen.

To cut the very long story short Arsene Wenger has decided to come to the rescue of the sensetional midfielder. But unlike the mega salary Eto’o will be recieving in Russia, the 29 year old will have to make do with what Arsenal will offer.

Arsenal unlike in the past where they bought a bunch of kids will be bring Kaka using Cesc transfer money, on loan just like Real Soci………. (still escaping me) did with Macdonald Mariga.

With a few days to go, Arsenal are running out of excuses and options and this could just be another rumour.


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