Kenya’s Sugar problem.

22 Aug

It is approximately mid month, my wallet is almost dry, not that i had washed it, but the little money i am given as salary is on its last leg. The problem is not that i was careless on my spending but i did budget with such a care that it will put Uhuru Kenyatta to shame.

So after the weekend where i had some guest from the village who came but unannounced and uninvited i did run out of sugar. To my suprise every supermarket do not sell more than a Kg and sugar cannot be the only item you buy.
Now what shocked me most is a kg goes for 200 bob. My God! How will we survive?

Sugar cane is planted in about four former provinces in Kenya but we still get it at a price higher than any other product.

I am stopping the consuption of sugar. Infact am never making tea again in my house till i buy sugar at a price lower than Kshs 80.


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