Lumumba, Mbarire bribe drama. Who is fooling who? And why?

23 Aug

Cecily Mbarire, Tourism Assistant Minister and KACC Director Prof. PLO Lumumba have been involved in a drama only found in Mexican soaps. The difference is it involves real sums of money that may have been gained illegally.

Yesterday morning the good Prof with an affinity to ure big words called a press conference at his Integrity Centre Offices claiming that, the husband to the minister had drawn a personal cheque of Ksh 100,000 and involved their lawyer so it appears KACC and its director demanded a bribe compromising the whole process. This must be a plot from from Prison Break.

Before the allegations could sink in Ms Mbarire, did issue a statement claiming that the allegation made by KACC Director are false, untrue (Whats the difference? Untrue means false.), malicious and can only be interprated to malign her name and character in the eye of the public.

This leads me to wonder who is fooling who? Did Mbarire and her husband try to bribe the KACC and its Director or PLO claims are just nothing but hot air that try to justify his stay at the office? What of the sms and calls are they real? We can only watch the drama and hope the cheat gets caught and pays for their sins.


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