Allien, and allien planet hunt is a waste of money.

25 Aug

NASA and all other space agencies across the world spent billions of dollars and even trillions sending up rockets and telescopes into space to look for planets that support life and in the process maybe find life out there. I can asure you no has been found and no will ever be found.

Mean while people on down here, some individuals have come up with stories claiming to have seen aliens, there spacecrafts and more funny? Sexual assualted or married to an alien. Its not bad to have imaginations and allucinations and these are beyond allowed limit. Believe me, your mind is playing tricks on you.

These agency have wasted alot of money in the process, money that could have otherwise been put to good use to repay the debt faced by governments and also provided food to the starving in Africa and beyond.

Let face, we are the only living creatures in this galaxy and any other out there that you would like to imagine. Wasting money chasing after some imaginary aliens is no use, instead we could channel this resources to our on planet and make it save for its inhabitants and our species to follow.

NASA does not need to look far for aliens after all they live among us, claiming to have seen some UFOs.


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