What does it takes to be Successful

25 Aug

Most people i know, including myself have never achieved their true potential. They had the ability to be A students but fell short, getting a B, which is good but not what they deserve, other are middle class income families but had the ability to be higher class.

Success takes more than knowledge, more than opportunities available, more than hardwork e.t.c. Most people with these still languish in poverty and low paying jobs.

Commitment, love and appreciation of small, big and everyone in your environment will get you most furthure than you know. Being commited to what you do will not only benefit however you are doing it for but also you the doer. Try it and see where it gets you.

Hard work with out love for your work, is like using a blank of wood to chop down a huge tree. It might get chopped but it may take forever. Love gives passion, commitment and most of all success.

Appriciating the little things and the small people in your enviroment will not only contribute to ideas of how to do you better, but also may aid you in doing that work. Appriciate everyone and wait to be suprised.


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