Who should be Kenya’s 4th President?

26 Aug

Who shall become Kenya’s next president? Thats the question that is really causing headaches and heartaches.

With all and sundry declaring they intend, other forming tribal alliance, some party hopping and others allining themselves with their tribesmen or forming new parties all together, we can only continue wondering who should we vote in on August 2012 or any other date the ‘ruling elite’ deem fit to hold the election.

When and how we vote is still anyone guess as our politics changes in a matter of hours. Kibaki is also yet to pour oil on his prefered candidates and some unions are still in courtship and may never last.

I pray that one day we will be able to vote for a leader who is visionary and action driven not tribal chiefs and rich people who would do anything to remain in power.

So January 2013, who will be occupying the house on the hill?


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