A Lesson From Young Enterprenuers.

6 Sep

I am not a millionaire, infact as i write this post i am very broke. This does not mean i have not been working hard to improve my life and become one day a millionaire.

Over the years i have read the stories of young boys and girls do extra ordinary things to improve their lives. I have always sat back and watch some of my family and friends work hard and become rich, even if it was only for a day.

Last week, i was going through The Standard on Wednsday and came across the name Ashley Qualls, i had not before then heard of her. It got me thinking, this 17 year old has made millions from advertsing on her site.

Unlike most of us, Ashley never completed high school, let alone got a degree. We have spent four years of our lives in collage and two years on we still depend on our parents to feed us.

I have read more and more stories since then of youngsters as young as 14 earning a six figure salary by end month. I have read of this teenagers employ and create jobs in their countries.

Despite the fact, i will not blame our educational system, neither will i blame our cultural background for our misfortunes at enterprenuership and wealth creation. A few individual who under went the same system as us have come up with good business and made the money. So i asked myself what is it that these teen millionaires have that we lack and how can we make up for it?

Coming back to Ms Qualls, it all started as a hobby, which she gave the best attention she could cutting an image for herself.

Personally as a boy i loved football what the Americans would call soccer, i did attend a private boarding school. For four years, i was told how to pass exam and not to nature my talent. May it was wise as i may i have not earned a degree but what if i had signed for Manchester United or Real Madrid?

A lesson i have learnt from this teenages your hobby can make good business. You will earn while your enjoy your job. Your hope can create jobs.


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