Could Direct flights from Kenya to US resume?

7 Sep

Direct flights to the United States from Kenya are set to resume as talks between Kenya and the Department of Transport would soon be started. US Transport Secretary Ray LaHood will be in the country on 30th September to spearhead the talks

Kenya has ironed out the security concerned the US Department had and the on going renovations at JKIA is part of addressing those concerns that lead to the shelving back in June 2009.

Under the plan Delta flights would leave Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta to JKIA in Nairobi via Dakar, Senegal. Current anyone wishing to travel to Nairobi or U.S.A have to go through London or West Africa, causing a major inconvinence.

With direct flights connecting Kenya and United States, tourism and trade under Agoa will recieve a major boost as it has been mainly hampered by lack of direct flights.


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