Searching for the Next Big Business Idea.

10 Sep

I am on a mission, a mission to find the next big business idea. A mission that i should succeed as failure is not an option. Thats how bad i want to be an entreprenuer and a billionaire.

My mission involves finding a multi-billion idea that will revolutionize the way things happen just like facebook and Google before. This idea will not only do that, but make me a billionnaire, a mogul.

In the past internet has created billionaires notable Mark Zuckerberg. Most people could say its potential has not been fully exploited, and i would definately agree.

Internet could be where my billions could come from, but then innovation doesn’t have to stop at the internet. With your help, i am sure we could have the new thing better than the internet.

So what could be the next big idea? What could me as rich, and you, as i and you could be? The internet? Service? Mining? Marketing?
A new idea?
Do anyone have any idea? I am open to them.


Kindly leave your comment.

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