Direct flights from US to Africa.

13 Sep

Direct flights from US to Africa are a few and less frequent. Travels to and from means connection flights in Europea or Asia.

Some routes available with direct flights include:
EgyptAir operating flights from JFK New York to Cairo’s CAI. It takes 11 hours.
Delta Airlines from JFK to CAI with the same number of flight hours.

South African Airways operate a 17 hour flight from Johannesburg to New York and another to Washington DC with a one hour stop in Dakar Senegal.
Delta Airlines also flys direct Jo’burg from Atlanta daily. It take 16 hours.

Royal Air Moroc of Morocco operates daily flights from JFK to Casablanca. It take a total of eight hours.

Delta Airlines also operates a direct flight from Atlanta and JFK to Accra several times a week. United Airliner also fly from Washington to Accra and take about 10 to 11 hours.

SAA also has daily flights from Washington to Dakar, Senegal that takes 9 hours. Delta also flys from JFK to Dakar several times a week and takes around 8 hours


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