Fashion. A Thing or Two about it.

15 Sep

The problem with the current economic situation is you can not buy all the trends you want, worse is being a 20 year old and the fashion idea and trend isnt just clicking. A look at the wardrope would give any tailor a heart attack.

Working in a government parastatal is very challenging, apart from student on internship, it appears that everyone else is heading out to the retirement door together with their dressing.

With a job that involve strict dull and formal colors and wears, it offers no room for adventure nor is the wearer an adventurers person when it comes to clothing. Everyone dress like they are attending a funeral, the diference is poor matching colors and clothes.

Ok. I am an alien to fashion, my wardrope is poor to say the least, but i know when a person should be arrested from breaking all the rules of dressing, leave alone fashion.

I think i should learn a thing or two about fashion.


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