Feminine Male Fashion.

16 Sep

Male fashion today not only is it becoming dangerously faminine but scary and disastrous. It is like men are in a competition to copy what women are wearing. Maybe most of this fashionable people wished they were women.

In the past two or so years, men have picked up skinny jeans, everywhere you go, you cannot miss to see men, with beard, wearing skinny jeans that risk bursting from the pressure of their bottoms.

Fashion should have stop at skinny jeans. Did it? No, men went ahead and picked up womens bags just changing its name as men-bags, earings or studs, hair braiding and then came the mother of all, V neck T-shirts to show their cleavage!

Why would men want to be women, maybe it GMOs we are feeding on. Or something else more serious.

Men should stick to mens clothes and leave women with their clothes.


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