Men Fashion. First Office Wear.

18 Sep

Times are hard and money seems to buy little of what they used to. During this times assembling a basic wardrope is extremely hard and worse for a first timer employee, who apart from the suit you borrowed from a friend, everything else is jeans and T-shirt.

Therefore assembling what can be worn without being notice to be rewinding and repeating a weeks’ worth of clothes involves shopping smart. Getting value for the little amount spent in a wardrope that last.

Buying clothes that are in the natural color is the best. These don’t stand out, so its easier to mix and match. Well chosen varieties can be mixed and matched. Suits in solid colors will definately improve that look. It is easy to split and mix.

3 to 4 trouser or pants, 4 to 5 shirts and 2 or 3 coats will make a months mix.

Shoes, a pair of black and a second pair in brown, with 4 or 5 lace holes. Avoid shoe witi stand out features.

To complete your look, have atleast five pairs of black or brown socks. No screaming colors, men never wear screaming color socks.


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