Investing in Food Security in East Africa.

21 Sep

The Eastern Africa region this year, experienced the worst drought in sixty years according to the United Nation. It might not be recieving the same media attention as it did on the innitial stages, but some people still sleep on a empty stomach, whereas others starve to death.

Considering that Kenya, Uganda and most parts of Ethiopia recieve atleast adquate rainfall to sustain food production it is therefore unexpected that this region is importing and seeking food aid from hugely desert countries such as Egypt and Israel.

While its not a bad idea to have a pay hike to legislatures and increase the defence budget in the case of Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, East Africa need to spend more on Agriculture. With most countries relying on the produce from Agriculture to make end meet, investment in this sector will be of huge benefit to this economies.

Argintina has invested in irrigation of soy beans which is now driving its economy. East Africa with huge rivers and and adquate rainfall can utilise this resource, not only will this feed the population, but also become the region and worlds bread basket. We do not need donor funding for this, our budgets can cater for this through continous and regular investment.

It everyone pray and hope that the government will watch and learn from the drought that ravaged the region, and look at the Pokot-Turkana border in Kenya where irrigation has transformed the lives of people who were in the mercy of the whether.

Importation of GM maize is not the solution, it will only enslave the population to the government and weather condition. Investment in irrigation and improve water harvesting in the region will go along way in preventing a similar disaster and feed, cloth and enrich the population and the economy.

Will the governments learn?


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