Kenyan Television Station: Stop Feeding Us With Junk.

25 Sep

I stopped watching the television after eight and mark you this is prime time, because of Mexican soap and Nigerian movie airing on TV like we lack local content. These are the junk and which the local station call prime time entertainment.

It has causes me great embarrasment everytime I watch naked girl engaging in intimate interaction with an equal naked man especially infront of my parents, my mother in this case.

This acts of nudity and utter disrespect of my African heritage, could be acceptable in the country of origin of this programs but not in my household and any moraly right household for that matter.

The government has sat back and watch as every station apart from K24, air Mexican and Nigerian programmes during a time when Kenyans should be appriciating the local support our morality but as a nation.

The fact that my four year old niece tried to french kiss me infront of the whole family should be a testimony enough that the state of the prime time programs is heading in a total wrong direction.

If this is left unchecked, i would not be suprised if in the next few years pornographic is aired live on prime time.

Someone please wake up the CCK guys.


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