Discovering The Next Big Business Idea.

27 Sep

I am not a get-rich-now guru neither am I a rich entreprenuer who made billions from the big Idea of his time, but, I know your are here searching for the next big thing just as I have done for the past one year and not quiet hit it yet. The truth is, you won’t find it in my blog or any other blog around the world for that matter.

Ideas that you will read from books and the internet may not make the next big thing. Some are not viable in the first place, while the rest could get you thinking and may lead you to that next big Idea. So, how do we get that next big business idea?

I read somewhere, that the first thing to finding that business idea is looking around you. What is in your environment that can make you those big bucks? EcoPost Limited is a Kenyan company that makes use of the menace that has become gabage to make environmental friendly post.

Then how are you going to turn this ideas into viable business. By turning them into viable business does not mean you copy what someone else has done. On the 26th of October’s Business Daily Africa it talks of things to do to be an entreprenuer and that features prominetly is Innovation. For a business to be the next big thing it has to be new, unique and never seen before.

Package that Idea make people want to buy it. The point here is for your idea at whatever cost you have put a peg on it. The more attractive and people can related to when package, the more that you will sell it.

You will also want to look at your talents, hobbies and career. Ashley Qualls made million through her hobby; so can you and so can I.


2 Responses to “Discovering The Next Big Business Idea.”

  1. ravi m dole November 8, 2013 at 7:51 am #

    good one.. keep it up

    • Bizstler Inc November 14, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

      Thank you, you can subscribe to read more.

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