Getting Over The United States.

29 Sep

Direct flights from the US to Kenya have hit a snag, again. The inaugural flights between Atlanta and Nairobi failed to take off two years ago after the US Department of homeland security ruled Nairobi unsafe for landing by any American airline for fears of terrorist attack.

How important this flights between two nations is stated by the fact that Kenya exported Sh22.5 billion worth of goods and imported more than Sh39 billion.

Personal, as important as the United States is important to Kenya in trade, tourism and other issues of development, Kenya should now forge trade with the futures economies. The countries that are growing and promising or are now major players in the world economy. But, Kenya should not forget the developed world.

Every Kenyan can be my witnes that for the last few years we have moved closer to China, our country has seen a lot of chances than the last fifty years we have been friends with America. I am not say we should forget America altogether, but with opportunities BRICs and other fast developing countries are too big to be pasted.

A closer and deeper corporaion between Kenya and the so called BRICs will be more benefitial to our economy


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