Simple Technology For Car Security.

3 Oct

Last month, a church organisation lost its car early in the morning. The driver was car jacked as he was heading to town from his house. He was bundle into the same car boot and left stranded in the middle of no where. Lucky for him he was not harm.

The Forester stolen, had been fitted with the best security and tracking equipments, but that did not help as the car till now has never been found. Even after the police and the tracking company was involved. Infact rumor has it that the original grey forestor could be red by now with a new registration plate.

You do not want to loose your car, so how will you secure it? Maybe fit it with the latest alarm or maybe engage the services of a world class car tracking firm. But how sure are you that these will protect your car?

An alarm could and will be disconnected by the mechanic working down the road from your house, and the car tracking equipment disable or be infact fake, just ask any Kenyan about the Car track saga.

Or you can employ a simple technology. Have an extra phone somewhere in your car, somewhere you only know, keep charging it and incase your car is stolen or goes missing you can find with the help of your service provider.

Simple technology but works.


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