The Free Falling Kenyan Shilling.

4 Oct

I have been doing an assignment in my work place for almost a month now. It involves finding out the exchange rates of various currencies world wide and other things you don’t need to know. This has reminded me more about the free falling shilling

From a high of Ksh65 to Kshs66 in sometimes of 2008, now the Shilling has fallen up to Kshs 105 and the free fall continues. We do not need to say that the Kenyan Shilling a worst performer outside Uganda just like how the Ugandan Cranes will perform on Saturday.

The free fall which has left CBK and its governor dizzy, confused and breathless, not knowing what to do. This has not left the hilarious Kenyans on twitter (#kenyansontwitter) last week. #ThingsstrongerthantheKenyanshilling.

Someone should do something. If the people who have sworn to defend the Kenyan shilling cannot do so they should go home and let a new team in. Everyone including the useless politicians and clueless Central Bank.

No one wants the legendary Zimbabwean dollar as there currency.


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