Kenyan Millionaire Rides.

7 Oct

Mathira MP often flies in and out of functions in his constituency in Bell 206B helicopter he bought five years ago according to the Business Daily.Plane loves claim that a new Bell 206B helicopter costs no less than Sh1 billion.

Mr Maina owns the plane through Solio Ranch, a fully-owned company he founded at around the same time he bought the plane in 2007.

The MP is just one of a growing list of Kenyans who own what has become the ultimate weapon of personal expression for the rich.

For business or pleasure, the plane is fast becoming the new mode of transport for Kenya’s savvy businessmen and top politicians with an eye on the presidency.

Kenya alone has about 400 privately registered planes according to Colin Davies, the President of the Aero Club of East Africa and list of Kenyans, who own the coveted machine, reads like Who Is Who in the business and political landscape.

Today, the majority of Kenyans living in the farthest corners of the country are more likely to see a helicopter land in their backyard with a dignitary than have them arrive in the four-wheel drives that were the status symbols of yesteryears.

TFor instance the ceremony for the burial of Orwa Ojode’s father last month saw 12 helicopters land and take off in quick succession at a local primary school as politicians fought the impression battle.

The list of Kenyans who dominate the skies includes top businessmen, large scale farmers and corporate executives.
When it comes to control of the Kenyan skies, large scale farmers and ranchers in Nanyuki, Laikipia and Narok, mostly of European descent dominate.


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