Thank You Mr. Mututho: Mututho Law Number 2.

11 Oct

Thank you, thank you very much Hon. John Mututho. You closed down the only stress corner we had in the neighbourhood and the other one around the corner. Now you want us to fire the house help, and the driver too.

A Kg for sugar goes for Ksh 196 and in a family of eight like mine, that means I buy ten kilos a month of sugar. Thats only sugar, I have not considered unga, tomatoes, the sukumawiki and meat (only on pay day).

Mr Mututho, how will I afford Ksh 13500? For your information I earm 12k so it means our house help earns more than me! So who is the boss now?

There are school fees to pay, rent, parent and relative support ……. Ooh My Lord, am broke before the end of the payday!

If I do go on, I will end up cry and with no money to buy the stress reliever, I will end up at Mama Pima’s ‘Bup’ and Yokozuna will definately do me no good.

Anyway by the end of the pay day I will either be dead or blind!


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