Friends with Benefits. Does it work outside the movies?

19 Oct

A few minutes ago, just this darkness engulf my house, I was watching the movie ‘Friends with Benefits’ for the …… (I have lost count of the number of times I have watched it). I have to admit that this is the best Justin Timberlake movie ever!

No emotions, no relationship, no guilt, just sexs, just sexs! This is actually the greatest idea I have ever heard. Being a commitment averse person, yeah, I totaly fear getting into any relationship that involves a woman and I’m totaly straight.

I won’t have to commit myself to anyone in a friend with benefit relationship, I won’t have to remember to call neither would I have to feel guilty everytime I have my bite elsewhere. Anyway currently almost everyone is too busy with school and stuff to keep a girlfriend during this harsh economicy.

Watching Justin Timberlake and the very beautiful Mila Kunis ,I kept wondering if this stuff realy work outside the movies and if they so, why does it not happen to people like me?


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