Muammar Gadhafi is Dead.

20 Oct

CNN broke the news that former Libyan leader and dictor, Brotherly leader Muammar Gadhafi had been capture. The leader who former United States president Ronald Regan labeled a mad dog was then marched around his home town Sirte and then shot dead in the head.

CNN indicated that these information were unconfirmed and Libya’s National Transitional Council were careful before releasing anymore information as in the past, when they claim to have capture Said al Islam, which later became a flat lie.

The African kings of kings crowned by misplaced African elders was pulled from a culvert humiliated and killed. This was the treatment that he had used on his citizen for 42 years.

Despite the fact that he made electricity free for the Libyan people and paid allowances to those marrying, his body was left to rot then buried in the desert. This makes the two of them, cruel leaders.

The man was no Saint but murdering and displaying his body for more than two days and left to rot in more than the crimes he commited. The least they could do is give a normal burial.


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