A Wasted Chance To Make A Change.

31 Oct

Football Kenya newly elected chairman

Since Independence, Kenya has been run by the same old guys who have stuck through the tree presidents that have ruled Kenya. Almost every Kenyan leader was either an alias to former president Moi or served his government. Half of the current cabinet is made up of the former governments ministers and a quarter of this people have court case pending for the money they took out of government covers whereas others have misused funds that were meant to feed the hungry, provide medicine to the sick and provide employment to the youths.

We have continued to recycle this guys over and over hoping to get better results but instead we have continued to be burdened by one corruption scandal after the other. Despite the promises they have made to Kenyans they have always managed to fail miserable.

Personal am not a fun of Kenyan politics, I rarely watch the news, not unless there is something important like the Kenyan Army war on al Shabab. so I am going to leave politics aside and remain on the matter I feel I need to address.

On Saturday, the Kenyan football fraternity went to the polls to vote. For the first time in almost all the years Kenya has been independent a free and fair football election was conducted. Rules were laid down to ensure that the much beloved game in the world was run by dully elected leaders.

I had expected that the Kenyan football fraternity would put in place new blood would be installed in office. This was the best opportunity to send out a clear message to the current leaders that they will not make it back to parliament or senate for that matter. I know Sholei is a fresh blood, but that I not enough for me. Football in Kenya need new ideas desperately. Recycling and re-electing the same people into office and expecting to have different results is somewhat of a smoke. Doing things the same way over and over again and expecting different result is lunacy.

Sammy Nyamweya is the image and reminder of the past. He was involved in a period where Kenyan football teams where helplessly beaten by low lying countries. He has participated in he killing of talents of many and many youths. He should have never been allowed to seat in the Football Kenya seat ever. After all he had his chance and he screwed it.

We needed fresh minds that would have come up with new ideas, new ways of doing things. a change from the past and the current way FIFA runs the game. We needed fresh blood who would stand for what they believed in and what the money can buy. I am not saying that Mr Nyamweya will sell what he believes in, but we had the opportunity to fix it one and for all, but we wasted it.

In this breathe I would offer my congratulatory message to Mohammed Hatimy for accepting the results despite the fact that the had allot of opportunities to challenge the results.


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