Does Atwoli Care About The Little Man?

18 Dec

You probably reading this from a mobile phone and the network is terrible, just like most service in Kenya. You live on a rented house, you experience constant blackout and power loss for hours to days. You also buy water from the very expensive mkokoteni and motorcycle or bicycle guy down the street.

You streets is littered with garbage, and the roads overflowing with raw sewer for the last month to a year. The security is not good either. You will probably be mugged if you dare walk the streets in your neighbourhood as soon as its get dark.

You have lots and loads of problems and the only thing you need know is to go back to the village for the christmas break. Enjoy the festive season and hope that the new year will bring with it better service.

Things will just get worse. Atwoli is calling the workers to down there tools and stay at home. You will not be heading home if the matatu operators heed his call.

A ten day strike means that by the time it is over, the poor man who uses a matatu to and from work and going to the village, will not be able to go upcountry or to the job. Even so, rogue matatu operator will take advantage of Atwoli’s call to hike transport cost.

How does Atwoli care for me and you if during this festive Atwoli is calling on vital transport sector to strike? He has a car and he does not have to rely on the matatus. He earns lots of money and were he to use a the matatu, he will afford it.

Atwoli should stay off the matatu business and concentrate on fundraising and the noise making with no action we have gotten to him doing.

I support the call for a strike aimed at lowering cost of living but this absolutely a wrong time to call for disruption of services. Lets enjoy our Christmas in peace.


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