Kony 2012: Another Critic.

12 Mar

Thanks to a group called Invinsible Children Africa is now a country with a President. Thanks to them, again Obama may be sending Jack Bauer after Joseph Kony or Chuck Norris to come and capture him and present him to ICC for the delivery of “justice” the internationally way.

Last year the Obama administration sent 100 troops to Uganda to ‘advice’ the Ugandan government in tracking down this sevage who is thought to be somewhere in Central African Republic or Congo.

Last week an American charity organisation attempted to make Kony famous or infamous as anyone may choose to see it, by making a thirty minutes video with little of Kony to an uproar on the internet both positive and mostly negative.

Both this events, have to me to asking myself the question; Why now? Do they know something we don’t? Or the world is feed up with his actions and would want to deal with him once and for all?

The Americans and most western based NGO’s together with the African Union and Ugandan Government to some extend, stood by and watch as a lunatic do on a rampage butchering men, raping women enslaving children, looting and burning homes and completely displacing a whole community .

Why is it that they are responding when Kony to be weaken? As its estimated Kony has around 100 followers. Is it an act to save face or a motivation of self interest by a group of people and nations?

Allow me to speculate and wonder if it is not the recently discovered oil on Lake Albert basin. If not so then why is there no video to highlight the crimes of the Oromo liberation front another sevage and extremely ruthless group who have commited massecrers both in Ethiopia and Kenyan side of the border?

On the other hand I do wish everyone concerned and willing to end the menace thats a blood thirsty, disollution mad man a success. I only hope that both these acts is from the heart and not from the belly.

Lastly where did the Ugandan media go? Buth lest leave that for another day.


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