Ban Gor Mahia From The KPL Now.

19 Mar

Its not the first time, nor the second but every game and season that Gor Mahia is beaten, its fans must go on the rampage and cause trouble. Throwing stones and other items to the field and fans of the opposing team causing injuries and abandonment of the game. They have done it to Karuturi, Rangers and many other teams and now KPL and FKF should wait for another life to be lost but should now take decisive action.

Kenyans on social media, twitter, demanded that KPL together with FKF should ban Gor Mahia for not less than two years so as to serve as an example to teams that may want to engage in violence now and in the future but its better to keep in mind that it was the fans and not the team that engage in hooliganism, so these the fans should be ban for a life time.

Its my prayer that the football administration in the country will take decisive action to prevent loss of life, injuries and penalities that FIFA may impose on the country. Also shirt and media sponsors of Gor Mahia should take action, am not talking of pulling out but that will serve the same purpose as well. The government should also prosecute the hooligans and apply its own saction for the sake of football.

Finally talk by Gor officials thet KPL has not been unable to run the league is them trying to divert attention. They should rein in on there own supporters and if not let them step down and capable leaders be elected.


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