Changing face of Turkana.

28 Mar

Fortunes of Turkana keep changing by the day. The county onces classified as wastelands by both Government and the business community may see some huge projects come up in the next few years.

Having been neglected for the last 50 years which Kenya has been indipendent, Turkana now is bound to receive much attention from any all quarters due to the oil discovered in this semi-arid area of Kenya.

Turkana will also be home to the largest wind farm in Africa. The project which was due to start in the begining of this year will see it contribute close to 300 MW of electricity to the nation grid. Kengen is also conducting a feasibility study of georthermal power in the area with experts believing to have in huge quantities.

LAPSSET transport corridor comprising of a standard gauge railway will be passing through the county, a resort at the shores of lake Turkana, a pipline to transport the recently discovered oil together with the South Sudanes oil and Uganda’s oil, two lane highway to Juba and an airport. All the above will change the face of this county surely for the better.


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