#TurkanaOil: Did Moses Wetangula Make Kshs 840 Million?

29 Mar

Moses Wetangula is the minister who is said to have sold block 10BB to Africa Oil for Kshs 840 milion on which oil was later discovered by Tullow Oil an Anglo-Irish company.

The artical did not the name the minister, but hinted that the minister was involved in the reshuffle “In 2010, Turkana Drilling Company associated with a cabinet minister who affected in Monday’s reshuffle, sold Block 10BB for $10 million which is Kshs 840 miillion to Africa Oil”

The Daily Nation article went on to paint a picture of influence peddling and ugly backhand dealings among the well connected and cabinet minister in auctioning away our countries natural resources.

The curropt individual when applying for exploration license, ensure minimal obligation in the licenses and does not require them spending too much money. They then hold the license and sell it for mega profits.

But on Today’s Business Daily, Hon. Wetangula denied the accusation claiming that his former Law firm which still has his name, was the one involved. He claims not to share on its profits.

Given previous corrupt dealings, many Kenyans fear that those in power may use the newly found wealth for there on greedy ends, leaving Kenyans poor.


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