Direct Flights From America to Nairobi in the Next three months.

3 Apr

United States of America has announced plans to have direct flights between Nairobi and Atlanta in the next 180 days or so once the Jomo Kenyatta International Aiport is certified as Category 1 by The Internation Civil Aviation Organization and the Fedral Aviation Autority according to American Ambassador to Kenya Scot Gration.

Its close to four years now since a planned direct flight between the two countries was suspended just before the Delta Airways flight took off by the FAA citing security concerns at the JKIA. since then so called negotiation have dragged on and on with JKIA said not to handle the capacity of direct flights, but the government of Kenya hopes to achieve this status in August this year, when the expansion of the Airport is set to be completed.

This news comes just weeks after Kenya announcence oil find on the Northern part of the country. The move by American government to allow direct flights may have been informed by this discovery and with the current move to cut down on oil imports from Iran and some of its allies (if it has any). It could also be that now with oil discovery, America finally has a reason to have a direct flight to Nairobi.

I only hope that when all the talking is done Kenya Airways which is currently expanding and modernizing its fleet will be given the opportunity for direct flights.


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