Trivial Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT).

3 Apr

Kenyans on Twitter popularly #KOT are a vibrant group of people who talk about anything or everything under the sky. In the past few year many subjects affecting the Kenyan situation have made it to the top of twitter’s trending topics otherwise Top Tweet (TT) world wide.

I must say, unlike the African Margreb where the social media was used to topple dictators, Kenyans on these social media especially twiter tend to be trivial. Making fun on even the most of serious matters.

For example this Saturday TT #DayStarUniversity which was a protest of a student being knocked down by a speeding motor car. Some Kenyan tweeps went ahead and made fun of this top tweet reducing such a weighty matter of loss of life into a trival matter.

Last year, #onlyinKenya and #Kenyaishometo trended for close to an hour. It was a rear opportunity for Kenyans to paint a good picture of themselves but Kenya’s image was dealt a blow after blow from the fun and negative picture painted. I am not saying that we should not mention all our problems on twitter or complain, but we should also promote our country as a tourist and business destination among others.

I here by call upon Kenyans, especially on twitter to balance between the funny comments about our country with helping promoting our great country image. We should have more of#someonetellcnn trending where we refuse to bullied and made to look bad international.


2 Responses to “Trivial Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT).”

  1. Manyala April 10, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

    You know the way Tanzanians are ‘polite’, Americans ‘free’ Chinese ‘counterfeit’ etc, that’s the way Kenyans are ‘jocular’ We find sarcasm and generate laughter from any situation – happy or sad. No wonder every station does a ‘Bull’s eye’ thing. I think we should embrace this trait positively coz #KOT never had a meeting where they decided to be ‘trivial’ it just happens coz that’s Kenyan – it’s innate.

    I might be wrong but if you ask me, the jokes and taunts made in Kenyan TTs often make strong social commentaries, in a jocular way.

    • Bizstler April 10, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

      I hadnt thought of it that way, but I still stand by the fact that some #KOT take matters to lightly and cannot differentiate between what is serious and where fun and “trival” comes in.

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