Prezzo Deserve the BBA spot.

3 May

Romour mill has it that Prezzo, the king of bling bling is heading to the big brothers house in 3 days accompanied by Nini Wacera.

On Thursday morning Kenyans on Twitter were less ethustatic of the prospect of Prezzo being one half of the Kenyan team and flacuating between 2nd and 3rd place on the TT. it included:

-#ContestansBetterThanPrezzoForBBA Bonoko and @Mbusii

-ContestantsBetterThanPrezzoForBBA Justin Baba

-ContestantsBetterThanPrezzoForBBA the guy at muthurwa shouting ua mende, ua panya, ua kunguni

Over the last few years Prezzo disappeared from the limelight, he got married the seperated from his wife then I dont know what……. His music tap also ran dry and we have only been served with stories of him being in the studio or is upcoming single, but him going to BBA will be a God’s sent chance for him to reinvent himself. It will not only provide an opportunity for him to remain relevant but also gain back his fans and some new.

Another reason being that Prezzo is popular, he introduced swag to the Kenyan music industry all the more another reason to send him to represent this great country in the big brother house.

If this rumour turns out to be true his fans and the Kenyan public should infact support him. By supporting him we will have handed him a second chance that everybody needs.


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