Musalia Mudavadi: Kenya’s Fourth President?

8 May

Musalia Mudavadi is a member of parliament of Sabatia constituence in Western Kenya. He first elected MP, unopposed, in 1989 after his father the late Moses Mudavadi passed away.

In 2002, Mudavadi became the shortest serving Vice President in Kenya’s history after turning his back on the then KANU rebels who were out to punish president Moi for backing Uhuru Kenyatta rather than Raila Odinga. He was also the running mate of Uhuru Kenyatta during that Years election.

After being soundly defeated by Kibaki led team, Musalia choose to seat out after rejecting the nomination as a nominated Member of Parliament and only came back to Politics in 2005 after allaigning himself with the ‘NO’ camp led by LDP and Raila.

He ran for nomination to become ODM’S presidential candidate in 2007 Election but lost and was named Raila’s running mate.

Mudavadi fell out with ODM amd defected to UDF resigning both as the Minister of Local Government and Deputy Party Leader of ODM but chose to remain as the Deputy Prime Minister.


In 2010, Musalia was investigated in the Kshs 300 Million scandle in which the Nairobi City Council bought Land worth Shs. 24 million for Kshs. 300 million. KACC put him under investigation to establish if he had any links with the scandle but he protested, claiming KACC had not given him time to explain himself.

Documents allagging to connect Musalia Mudavadi exist as claimed by Paris based CERI to Goldenburg scandle which happened when Mudavadi was the Finance Minister back in 1993. The documents places Mr Mudavadi and former atton general Amos Wako as the God Fathers.

Then there is the Anglo Leasing scandle, which occured when Mr Mudavadi was the minister of Transport in which he wrote a letter to justify the purchase of a VSAT equipment and instructed then Minister of Finance Chris Obure to exempt Posta Corporation Kenya fro audit by the excheque which was a measure then employed to check on corruption.

Opinion Polls.

The most recent opinion polls show Mudavadi at 5% with his former pety boss Raila Odinga leading. Most people have be left asking themselves if this will be just like 2002 when he jumped out of a winning party and was left out.


One Response to “Musalia Mudavadi: Kenya’s Fourth President?”

  1. Evans burudi May 17, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    God wil lead us thro all thiz and e wil be safe during the election period,,,,,,,,,

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