Anyway who gives a hoot about you?

16 Sep

Imagine today you house is blown away by wind? or an earthquake destroys your houses and killing some of your loved ones, God forbids.

Atleast that would be the will of God or nature and there was anything you could to prevent it, it just happened. But let your neighbour turn his sword on you slaughtering you, burning you possesions and taking away anything else that is left.

Who is to blame? Well I had bows and arrows but that could not match them guns even if they would, we were outnumbered. I had to run away and save my life, I wouldn’t be of any use dead.

I pay taxes and therefore I demand that I be provided security with no debate or question asked, if thats hard to do, give up that seat and let some else who is capable.

Some who will not watch my wife raped, my daughters abused my sons hacked to death. Someone who would not wait till we are no more then thats when he act. Someone who will no devide us along tribal lines.

I did not chose to be born me but who gives a hoot that is the wrong clan, tribe or race. We don’t deserve the same breath you take. We are less of Kenyans than you are.

One day I pray that someone will seat on that seat who will know my heartache, who will feel the pain of an orphan, the pain of an empty stomach and the sleepless nights of a cold night.

My Prayer For Tana Delta.

God find favor on Tana River, when they have been abondoned, you be their companion when they feel be their comformt and bring Peace to there lands.


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