Cabu Gah Letter to Robert Onyango Alai.

4 Feb


Good morning Bugger….err,Blogger… Hope U had a goodnight last night…though I pity the unfortunate mattress that has to PUT UP with You Every Night!

Hope You had a nice breakfast too…how I pity the unlucky spoon/fork that is forced to make endless trips to Your mouth…the same mouth which spits more shit than a baby’s anus…

I have been checking up your excruciating annoying FB updates and Boy,DON’T YOU SUCK!!!

I hear You are BIG in twitter…am on twitter too


Because,honestly speaking,following You is like following a sewage pipe! We all know where it takes You!

I also hear you have many followers on twitter…Well,even Hitler had millions of followers…BUT DON’T BE FLATTERED…Many of those followers are people who would be more than ready to throw You in a gas chamber and walk away singing,”I’ve had the time of My Life……”

Brother,Do You have a history with mental breakdowns?? Its sad that Your IQ is lower than Kalembe Ndile’s ranking in the CORD Alliance… Your updates /tweets are full of egoism,hate speech,bullshit,tribalism,falsehoods,propaganda,lies and cheap gossip !

You should NOT ONLY be blocked from Social Media,but blocked from breathing as well!

You once tweeted; “I am down on my knees praying that people continue to be RAPED and ROBBED in Kileleshwa so they will wake up to the Insecurity!!”

Really? Did You say RAPED?? Do You even have sisters? Or female relatives?? Bastard!

If the Devil ever formed a political alliance,you’d definitely be his running mate!

Sucker! Yesterday You updated; “JUBILEE uses kids in campaigns. I guess they will use them in war also. These kids know nothing about the choices forced on them!!”

JESUS! What propaganda! Well,Alai uses toilet paper to wipe his ass…I guess he will use the same paper to wipe his mouth too…that paper knows nothing about the choices forced on it!

Again You updated; “JUBILEE just picked some white IDLER out there and paraded him like some foreign investor who will change this country”

Hey,it takes an IDLER to know an IDLER!

I bet that mzungu idler does more in a day than You have done since 2013 began!! And again

You have just updated: “I also learnt of William Ruto in GHC.I was still in primary school,in class 7. When he was terrorizing everyone in 1992″ Wow!

The Question here is : YOU MEAN YOU WENT TO SCHOOL???

And again You updated: “People want you to fight tribalism but they see NOTHING WRONG with a KIKUYU succeeding Kibaki ”

Another Update: “Raila is a greedy man who is more interested in going into STATE HOUSE than leading Kenyans”

And this amazing one: “Your Children will NOT be successful just because You named them after Obama,Rihanna, Jay Z,  ALAI or Kemboi. Nurture them! ”

The Fuck?? Were You even nurtured Yourself?? Sounds like Tarzan had a better upbringing in the Jungles than You did in a human environment!

Did You just classify Yourself alongside Obama,Jay Z and Rihanna??? Nigga please, My Ex sells torn under wears in Muthurwa AND SHE IS MORE successful than You!

Spreading hate speech and lies on social media IS NOT being successful! .Peddling falsehoods and propaganda IS NOT being successful!

Inciting Kenyans IS NOT being successful!

Fanning tribal flames IS NOT being successful!


Listen here:

.We are SICK of your lies,SICK of your propaganda, SICK of your inflammatory utterances, SICK of your hate speech, SICK of your cheapness, tribalism, bullshit AND crap!

We have just around 30 days to the GENERAL ELECTION and we wont allow cock heads like You to take Us back to war again!


Have a Good Day! Its a shame we have to SHARE the Day!!!


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