21 Feb


Mwalimu Dida’s Most Memorable Quotes

During Kenya’s Historic 1st Presidential debate, first timer Mwalimu Mohammed Abduba Dida stole the show and turned out to be the king of the Presidential debates according to social media.

The learned teacher however made several quotes which the common Mwananchi can associate with and as he made the closing statement, he urged Kenyans to choose the best candidate come March 4th General elections.
Below are the quotable quotes from Mwalimu Dida during the Presidential debate:
A society that chooses Waititu over Jimnah has a problem.
Years after being in Government we are still fighting jiggers and Learning to wash hands.
Somebody with a PhD in electricity will spend the night in the dark but a class 8 drop-out will fix it the next morning.
Its true, when KANU ate, we got the crumbs, these people even lick the plates!
Kwani who is the…

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