15 Mar

Too late for Worms

The common chorus for election losers, from their opponents (surprisingly) has always been ‘Go to Court! Go to Court! File a Petition.’ In the backdrop of this chorus is that the Kenyan judiciary has never ruled in favor of the petitioner in a presidential election. The chorus is thus informed by the idea that the petition will be buried in such a barrage of legal complexities that it will never materialize. A lot has changed, especially in the last few years, but the question is, is it enough?

5. Matiba v. Moi (1993)

Most people remember this case only and with good reason. Matiba was the ‘rightful winner’ in the first multiparty elections, rigged out by an entrenced political system and weakened by wrangles in the opposition.

A strong candidate backed by the central region and basing his election on the incumbent’s errors in the his first…

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