19 Mar

Amanimaranga's Blog

I was involved in the just concluded election, and it is no secret that I campaigned for a candidate who was running for Nairobi Governor. I at the time preferred a Presidential candidated that was neither Corded nor Jubilated. I wanted someone who represented a real change from the status quo, from the way we did politics, unfortunately he did not win, but I know his day will come. This post however is about the current options we have.

I have thought long and hard, and decided that UhuRuto now represent the best chance for the change I want to see. The generational change that has long eluded us. Whereas I realize the struggles that their leadership faces, I hope and pray that they are able to overcome their legal hurdles both local and international, and they hold the reigns of this country steadfastly. I hope and pray that theā€¦

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