Did Uhuru victory divide Kenyans? Well, that is what all elections do- Charles Onyango Obbo (Cobbo)

11 Apr

Kenyan Voter


On Tuesday, Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as Kenya’s fourth president and William Ruto as deputy, the first person to hold the position after it was introduced by the 2010 Constitution.

President Kenyatta promised to serve all Kenyans, a reference to the now widely discussed fact about how this election left Kenya “deeply divided down the middle”.

Commentators on TV, columnists in newspapers, churchmen and women are agonising, some very worried that Kenya could end up being “ruled by the Kalenjin and Kikuyu”, with the rest locked out, stewing in the anger of alienation, and ready to burn the country down — so everyone loses — at the next election.

I fear Kenya is letting sentimentalism get in the way of hard-nosed realism. Had Raila Odinga won, Kenya would still have been pretty much “divided down the middle”, as it likely did, with a Kenyatta victory.

Perhaps the only…

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