Could The Real Ngina Kenyatta Please Stand Up! On Facebook.

15 Apr

Ngina Kenyatta clubbing

Pictures of the first daughter Ngina Kenyatta clubbing with friends have emerged on Facebook opened in her name.

It is not confirmed whether the page is owned by the first daughter or just some impostor but the number of pictures released makes me doubt whether it is really the First daughters page.

Some of the Photos appearing on the soon to be 23 year old page include:

After see this photos I went to Facebook to try find the real Ngina Kenyatta and a dozen of the came up;

1. Ngina Kenyatta.

This is the Facebookpage of Mama Ngina, Mother to the President and former first lady with 735 like.

2. Ngina Kenyatta

This is the purported page of the First daughter with 91873 and counting like. The page was created 0n 9th April 2013 and has been active releasing the above photos and the one below.


Ngina Kenyatta’s Bedroom at statehouse.

The Above photo was posted on New curtains trends  in 2011 and has also been posted on Robert Mugabe‘s Daughter, Bona Mugabe, fake Facebook page.

3. Ngina Kenyatta

This 1157 liked page joined Facebook on Saturday 13th and has the same profile and cover photos as the one above (number 2)

Other pages claiming to be the First daughters include:

Ngina Kenyatta

NGINA Kenyatta (Government official)

Ngina Kenyatta – Awesome First Daughter .. and

Ngina Kenyatta”s daughter will you marry me? (Good luck mate you need it!)

With all this Facebook pages, could the real Ngina Kenyatta please stand up!


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