Oliech’s Mum Admitted To Hospital Due To Cancer.

19 Apr


Dennis Oliech

Dennis Oliech (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Supersport.com yesterday reported that Dennis Oliech‘s mum is suffering form terminal liver and lung cancer. The Harambee Stars‘ captain’s mother, Mary Auma Oliech is admitted at Urgenes Hospital IN Ambroise France.


MaryAuma Oliech is reported to have been in and out of hospital, in Nairobi until the doctors discovered the disease.
She was flown to France where oliech is based, she is saidto be making good progress according to  Oliech’s sister Elsie Oliech who is taking care of the mother in hospital.

Oliech currently plays for Ajaccio and is the owner of FishBone Entertainment known for some of the biggest concerts in Nairobi!


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