Lesbianism Won’t Stop in Nollywood – Vivian Pius

8 May

24/7 Latest News


Despite government’s frown at illicit coupling of same sex, and earnest prayers to see an end to the sudden surge of lesbianism in Nigeria’s movie industry, one of Nollywood’s own, Vivian Pius, said that lesbianism is a norm in Nollywood that is not going to stop soon.

“Lesbianism has come to stay in Nollywood. Though it exists in other industries such as banking, medicine and others, that of Nollywood is more open to the public because of who we are, as societal role models”.

It has come to be seen as a cartel where those who belong to a group find it easier getting movie roles. Some of them can even make you rich overnight beyond your expectation. Those who are in it and know their onions can tell you better.

They get the best of jobs, drive the best cars and seen at the most exquisite places. The same…

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