Uhuru Should Stop Following the Footsteps of Mwai Kibaki in Tribalising Kenya

8 May


Uhur Kenyatta

It seems we are in for another 5 years f extreme ethnic chauvinism by the President. Now Uhuru has unveiled his cabinet and 3/4 of them are from Kikuyu and Kalenjin tribes with Kikuyus dominating most of the positions. Many of the selfish individuals in the media, government and politics who engage in ass-licking so as to be rewarded by Uhuru have said that the individuals are competent and deserve the appointments.

The truth is not only Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Somalis and Luos deserve appointments. We have other Kenyans who have never had someone from their tribe be a cabinet minister. Healing of this nation will be through fairness and fairness being seen to be done. You cannot call ethnic chauvinism “merit” and expect us to keep quiet.

There is nothing like merit here. If Uhuru cannot trust other ethnic groups with instruments of governance, he should tell us. The people…

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